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Deuterium Depleted Water - what is it?

Deuterium depleted water (DDW) is the result of research conducted over the years in the field of isotope separation by a team of specialists from the INC-DTCI - ICSI Rm. Valcea.

DDW is microbiologically pure water with an isotopic concentration below natural water concentration. The process of obtaining the water consists of a continuous vacuum distillation of natural water on separation columns of high performances.

This process provides certain categories of DDW in the desired isotopic concentration (10-120 ppm D /(D+H), being protected by a registered patent in the country. Also, the procedure of obtaining international patent is in process at WIPO Geneva, which is materialized in royalties for each subsequent patent application respectively (products) and secondly in the fact that no one can use the method and / or derivatives thereof without permission.

The research developed by specialized institutions in the country and abroad revealed undeniable bioactive effects of DDW on living organisms: increasing vascular reactivity, immunity stimulation, increase of animal resistance to sub-lethal and lethal doses of radiation, remission of tumor cell lines and dermatological diseases.

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