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What is Deuterium Depleted Water?

Apa saracita in deuteriuApa saracita in deuteriu (ASD) este rezultatul cercetarilor in domeniul separarii izotopilor desfasurate de-a lungul anilor de catre un colectiv de specialisti din cadrul INC-DTCI - I.C.S.I. Rm. Valcea. ASD este o apa microbiologic pura, cu o concentratie izotopica aflata sub concentratia apei naturale.

Articles about DDW
The Living Water a 100% Romanian wonder: saves lives, delays aging
Deuterium Depleted Water was invented by Romanians and received awards abroad. A very well-known doctor from Timisoara uses this water to increase the life expectancy of patients with cancer. NASA studied this water in order to use it on Mars. This water is not a drug. It can be purchased online: contact@qlarivia.com. » Read moore
Qlarivia - Immaculate Water for your wellness!
We invite you to read the new article about Qlarivia published in the October 2010 number of Natural Remedies Magazine. » Read moore
Brandient created the brand QLARIVIA
Brandient created the brand Qlarivia® for an unusual item. A group of Romanian researchers designed a water purification system, patented and awarded the gold medal at the Innovation Exhibition in Brussels - EUREKA. The water is purified by reducing the deuterium content, and is thus brought to its primordial state. Qlarivia® immaculate water thus obtained is, in the opinion of these experts, a product with beneficial effects on the general condition of the body. » Read moore
Where can you find Deuterium Depleted Water?
You can find Deuterium Depleted Water in various countries, where we have our distributors: » Read moore
Living water against cancer
It is the first time I am talking with a little girl who is supposed to have been dead by now. Dead for a few years already, the doctors say, and this gives me a stupid feeling. » Read moore
A 100% Romanian product: the water from Valcea, deuterium depleted water, immaculate water or Qlarivia
The Romanian researchers from the National Research - Development Institute for Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, ICSI Rm Valcea, developed a new type of potable water. It is a 100% Romanian product, characterized by low deuterium content. This is why experts call it deuterium depleted water or DDW. This is microbiologically pure water, mineralized according to Romanian legislation, with a deuterium concentration of 25 ppm, said Dr. Ioan Stefanescu, Professor of Physics. » Read moore
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